MediaTechnology   Essentials in Art & Music

by   Edwin van der Heide & Taconis Stolk
course   2018—2019
location   LIACS room 413
time   13.30—15.15
Leiden University   MediaTechnology   MT Forum general class 1
18 Sep 2018
class 2
25 Sep 2018
class 3
02 Oct 2018
class 4
09 Oct 2018
class 5
16 Oct 2018
  general information

course description
This course will focus on a number of important developments through the history of all art disciplines. This ranges from realized and unrealized artworks to concepts and artistic approaches. These developments will be studied in order to get a better understanding of creative thought in past and present, and to learn applying those to personal points of view.

The aim of the course is to extend your knowledge about art, to build a foundation to approach your work from an artistic perspective, and to develop your creative research capabilities regarding various cultural contexts.

course architecture
The course is structured on the basis of five methodologies for the creative process: structuralism, minimalism, conceptualism, immersion, and representation. Earch class will give examples of artistic work from one of the five methodologies.

The different terms used in this course (like structuralism or minimalism) are to be defined in their philosophical/linguistic context, not in their context of eventual art movements of the same name — which are usually too restrictive, due to their specific cultural connotations, in relation to the general overview which is presented in this course.

In the 5 lectures of the Essentials in Art and Music course we tell you 5 strategies regarding the creation of art. We have developed these 5 narratives from our own perspective and develop and illustrate them by showing works from different art disciplines. The 5 strategies that we present sometimes have an overlap. For example, I Am Sitting in a Room by Alvin Lucier has both structuralist and minimalist approaches. Furthermore, we have partially included certain movements that fit our narrative. For example, we have included the American minimalist composers in our narrative about minimalism.

After the first class, choose one of the works discussed during this class. Think of an existing work that on one hand relates to the chosen work, but on the other hand has a conflicting artistic approach to it. Write a short essay comparing the two works. This text should explore and debate the differences as well as the similarities in an original way. One A4 of text is expected.

As a final assignment we want you to develop your own narrative for a 6th strategy regarding the creation of art. It has to be original and meaningful. You have to create your own context and meaning. Where required you can include existing art movements in your debate. We would like you to include a minimum of 4 existing artworks. You should create an interdisciplinary context with works from at least 3 different disciplines. We expect an approximate size of 4 pages.

The grading will be based on the understanding of the topics discussed during the course, on the originality of the chosen approach, on the quality of the argumentation (all as reflected in the essays), and on compulsory class attendance.

help & contact
For any additional information, or any help with the assignments, contact:
e.f.van.der.heide |at| liacs |dot| leidenuniv |dot| nl
t.a.w.stolk |at| umail |dot| leidenuniv |dot| nl